Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A New Face

I finished face #3 in my class. It was a challenge for me to get the colors just right especially in the cheeks. (they actually aren't quit this bright, but the camera just picked up the color even more!) I think she could use a little more work, but I've set her aside for now.

We had such a nice Father's Day this past weekend with our kids and grandkids, but I'll have to post pictures another time, as they are all on husbands camara!
Have a good week! I hope to post more paintings on Sunday!


Azure Islands Designs said...

Beautiful painting Debbie, very exotic!!!

Doris Sturm said...

I think this lady turned out lovely - very exotic looking, I think. Sometimes it helps to put away a painting and then look at it again a couple days later with fresh eyes to see what you want to do with it - if anything. I try to do that with any important letters I write because I usually always pick up someting I missed the first time.

Thanks for visiting me today. Have a lovely week :-)

Marilyn Rock said...

I love her! She does look exotic - really lovely!

Mary said...

Debbie, you did a fantastic job on this!!

Sarah said...

wow! I love her face! The colour and warmth you have put in are amazing.