Sunday, November 27, 2011

Almost Finished -Sunday Sketches

Hello everyone and thank you for your wonderful comments on my book I'm working on for Josie. It really encourages me and I appreciate each of you! Below are 3 more pages, leaving only 1 more double page! This weeks submission to Sunday Sketches should give the story away, so I hope you will keep guessing! The first person closest to the real story can have their pick from my Etsy shop!

Well I'm off to finish this Christmas present and cook my turkey! We didn't have Thanksgiving on Thursday like most Americans, but we are celebrating with my son and his family today! Yesterday, we drove to my daughters house and spent the afternoon with them! It's been a fun weekend! I'm heading over to Sophia's blog to see what everyone else has been making this week.(see link to the right) Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

More On My New Book For SS

Hello all and Happy Sunday! Below are 3 more pages for my book I'm making for Josie for Christmas.

Any guesses this week on what the story is about? If not, next weeks pictures will definitely give it all away! The first one to guess correctly, wins their choice of art from my Etsy store, and I'm planning to add more pieces this week! Here is one I'm working on, that I hope to have done!

It's hard to see, but it's another plaster on wood with lots of yummy texture. I can't wait to add the color!
I'm off to see what everyone else at SS has been making this week! (see link on the right) I hope you will join us!
Have a great week!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

More work on the new Book for SS

Good morning and Happy Sunday! This weeks submission for Sunday Sketches are below. They are more pages in my book I'm making for Josie Ann for Christmas. My goal is to complete 2 double pages each week.

If I can keep getting this much done each week I should have her gift ready!
On a different note, I'm thinking about having a fun giveaway. It would involve guessing the story to my book, and the first person to guess the closest, would win one of my paintings from my Esty shop. Anyone interested? Then have fun guessing!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Starting a New Book

Hello all and welcome! I am joining Sunday Sketches this week and below is my submission:

It doesn't look like much, but before I could start my sketches, I had to use sandpaper and gesso for each page in the board book. Then I planned out each page with the words and pictures. Finally, I could start the pages themselves. I still have more to paint, but I wanted to show you what I had so far. I just wish I had a better name for the main character, the owl. I originally thought of Olivia. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
I spent last week with my daughter, who just had her second child, a girl! Here is Josie Ann, in one of her Halloween outfits:

She is the sweetest baby who hardly ever cries! (Well, I hear she does at 3am!)
Levi is now 2, here is a picture of him:

How cute are those cheeks!
My other grandson Grant, also had a birthday recently and is now 3! Here he is with his favorite gift!

Is that the happiest face or what!
My other granddaughter, Ashlyn, also had a birthday recently and is now 1.

She is so cute! I'm certainly blessed with 4 wonderful grandchildren!
I hope you will join us this week for Sunday Sketches! (The link is on the right)
Have a wonderful week!