Sunday, May 22, 2011

Finished She Art for Sunday Sketches

Hello all and I hope you are enjoying a relaxing holiday weekend! I finished a painting I had started a couple of weeks ago from the She Art class I am taking and I'm submitting it for this weeks Sunday Sketches with Sophia.

I spent the day yesterday with my son and his kids. What a fun day! I took my grandson to the river nearby where they recently put in a walkway. He loves throwing rocks into the water so we didn't actually get much walking in. My granddaughter is growing so quickly and I loved just holding her and watching her smile.
Today I'm off to watch Bridesmaids. Has anyone else seen it? I hear it's hilarious!
Well I'm heading over to Sophia's blog to see what everyone else has created this week. I hope you'll join us!
Happy Memorial Day!!

Boat Painting

Hello everyone and welcome to my submission for Sunday Sketches with Sophia. (see link on the right) I saw pictures of tugboats on the internet and decided to try something different for this week. My grandson has a nautical theme in his room so he might get a larger version of this small painting.

I'm catching up on my scrapbooking so this is all I have for now. I'm off to see what everyone else is doing over at Sophia's blog. I hope you will join us! Have a great week!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

2More Small Paintings

Good Morning all and welcome to this weeks submissions for Sunday Sketches, hosted by Sophia. (see link on the right)

I may add some words to the last painting, then she is off to someone daughter, who loves Paris!
I'm heading over to Sophia's to see other wonderful sketches. I hope you will join me! Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Paintings in Progress

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday, and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms! Below is a sketch that I then put on a background I had started last week.

Here is another small painting in progress.

I love this small size! It's perfect for putting in my cube at work. This one will say "She is beautiful in His eyes". I'm off to Sophia's blog (see link on the right) to see what other Sunday Sketchers have been making. I hope you will join me!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finished Sketch & 2 New Paintings!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all are enjoying a relaxing day. Below is my finished painting I started a couple of weeks ago.

I'll have it in my Etsy shop later today if anyone is interested in buying this painting.
I also took Christy Tomlinson's She Art class this last week, and finished these 2 paintings.

I took the class to learn how to paint backgrounds in a more relaxed manner. Mine always seem so stiff, and take me forever to do! I have to say, she throws everything and the kitchen sink on her backgrounds and it's such a fun way to paint! I really relaxed and just had fun with both of these pieces! I bought more canvases yesterday, so expect to see more!
I'm off to check out Sophia's blog and find out what everyone else has been making this week! I hope you'll join us! (see link on the right)