Friday, May 16, 2014

An Accident

Last Sunday, on Mothers Day, I slipped and fell in my bathroom. I went to the emergency room to get my arm x-rayed, and thank God, it turned out to only be a sprain. Unfortunately its my right arm, making mosts tasks harder since I am of course, right handed. I couldn't stay away from my paints all week so i tried to paint left handed.
Not my best work, but it was fun trying to paint left handed!
I'm linking as always with PPF and SSs. Have a good week all!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Something Old, Something New

Hello and happy weekend! My last post, showed a painting of a vase and I planned to paint flowers, but it was so horrible, I decided to paint over it. This is what showed up after the many layers of random painting:
I'm calling it "Eternity".
This next painting is a wip, which I'm planning to share with my friends at work who knew Jackie. (see last post)
This painting is called "Gathered Over the Rainbow". I got the title from the bible. When Abraham and some of the other patriarchs died, the bible says they were gathered to thier families. My friend Jackie told her 2 kids that their dog who died recently, had gone "over the rainbow". I wanted to have something to remember her by, and hope my friends will like it too.
That's all of the art I have for this week, but I do want to share a few Easter pictures of the grandkids!
I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!
I'm linking with Paint Party Friday and Sunday Sketches. I hope you will join me in seeing what the other artist are making.
Have a wonderful week!