Sunday, August 19, 2012

Painting and Poetry

Good morning! I worked a little more on a painting I started last still isn't finished. Mostly because I'm still obsessing on! Here is my progress so far:
I also tried my hand at another poem: The fog covers the river and trees. Come closer and it reveals more. A beautiful woman wearing a shear vale Teasing us with her beauty. There is something so mysterious and beautiful about early morning fog. I love driving to work on a foggy day, and peering into the misty trees. It reminds me of God; how if we draw closer to him, he reveals more of his nature to us. I'm linking with Sunday Sketches and hope you will join me! Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

More WIPS and Finished Painting

Good morning and happy Sunday! I missed out on blogging last weekend, due to a new obsession of mine!! Has anyone else tried this? It's fun, but very time consuming so I haven't had time for blogging or much painting either. I did finish the last project I was working on and already found a home for it with a good friend from work.
I also started these 2 projects:
I must be in a blue/green mood lately, as I seem to reach for those colors over and over. Well, here is something a little different, and I'm not at all sure where I'm going with it!
I also started a new class this week with Misty Mawn and she has been encouraging us to try writing poetry. This is something completely new for me, as the last time I remember writing any poetry, I was in the 4th grade! Here is what I've written so far: I wanted wings to fly to make my trip go faster. But my wings were made of cloth. So instead I wrapped them around me and walked. I met two others who were walking too. So we walked together, talking. At the top of the hill I looked down and saw my family. My companions and I arrived together, laughing. I'm sure it needs a lot of work, but it was fun trying something new, something out of my comfort zone. Funny, but that's what church was about today...learning to do things that you aren't always comfortable with, doing something new in whatever area the Lord might lead you. How about you? Done anything out of your comfort zone lately? I'm linking with Sunday Sketches and hope you will join me! Have a wonderful week!