Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Story Revealed and A Winner

Hello all and welcome to this weeks submission for Sunday Sketches with Sophia. (See link on right) But first, the story I've been writing for my granddaughter is finally told! Here it is in short form: Olivia the owl, decides that she has outgrown her home, so it's time to move! She searches high and low, but nothing else is as nice as her own home is. The birds nest is outside in the bright sunlight, the cave is too cold, all of the other trees are filled and the rabbits nest is full too! She goes home and decides to give away her boxed stuff, that she's not using anyway, and low and behold, her house is perfect for her again! There's even room for another chair so company can visit!
The only person who mentioned, moving was
Jehanne's doodles said...
Oh the book is looking great!!
The book is about an owl :)and he is moving ??
November 13, 2011 1:37 PM
Great guess Jehanne! You win, so please let me know by email ( what you would like from my shop and your address. Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments each week!
Here is something new I've been working on:

I'm currently taking Jane Davenports "I Heart Drawing" and it is really fun! She has a great way to teach how to draw bodies. The next lesson is about hands! I can't wait for that one, since I've always had trouble drawing hands!
Well, I'm heading over to Sophia's to see the other submissions this week. I hope you will join me!
Have a great Sunday and week!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finished Book for SS

Good morning all! Welcome to this weeks submission for Sophia's Sunday Sketches! Thank you Sophia for hosting SS!! Below are the last 2 pages of the book I'm making for Josie for Christmas.

I have the words to add and the cover to finish, but at least most of the work on this project is done! Any more guesses as to what the story is about? Someone had a close guess last week! If no one guesses, I'll do a random drawing a still send out a painting from my shop! My way of saying thanks for stopping by and leaving your encouraging comments each week! They mean so much to me!
Please join in the fun at Sophia's blog and see what everyone has been creating! (link on the right)
Have a great week everyone!