Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hello and Happy PPF and SS! I'm linking to both this week. (see links on the right) I finished a painting this week.
I'm having computer problems so this post is going to be short today! Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Is My Funday

Good morning all! I worked at cleaning out my closet yesterday, in my art room, so today is my funday! It paid off too! Not only is my closet a lot neater and cleaner, but I returned some yarn to Michael's and got 12.70 in store credit. My reward for cleaning!
I've been doing more fun paintings from the class I took over at The Trodden Path.
I made a change to this one from last week. Something about her face was bothering me, and after posting it, I saw what it was!
I love her and hope I can find someone who will love her too! She's in my Etsy shop now, along with a few other pieces I've been working on.
I'm linking to Sunday Sketches, (see link on the right) and hope you will join me in seeing what other artists have been creating!
Have a wonderful funday/Sunday!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Class for 2013!

Good morning and happy new year! I took a new class recently, and learned a fun new technique! I just love it and can't stop making new paintings! Here are just a few:
She is my favorite so far. I'm calling this one "Over Flowing."
I had such a wonderful Christmas this year! My kids both came and stayed with us, first Tori and her family, then Chuck and his family. I didn't want the holidays to be over!
This is a wip:
If you want to learn this fun style, then check out this class here. The class is called LayeredArt 1 Heavy Textured Art Book, by artist Nancy TeWinkel Lauren.
I'm linking to Sunday Sketches, and I hope you will join me in seeing what other wonderful artist have been making! (see link on the right) Happy Sunday everyone!