Friday, April 4, 2014

Paintings for PPF and SS-Some Sad News

Hello everyone and happy Friday, happy Weekend! It's been a sad week. One of my co-workers and friends was in a fatal car crash Tuesday night. She was only 36, and her birthday was today. She had 2 small children (5 & 3) and a husband. We were all so shocked at work and sad. Usually we would take the birthday girl to lunch, and so we are going to lunch today in her honor.
I finished the painting from last week.
My husband liked it so it's hanging in our staircase. I also started a new one, but haven't done much with it since Wednesday.

I plan to paint pink, purple and orange flowers so it should be quite colorful.
I would appreciate your prayers for my friends family. Her name was Jackie, her husband is Michael.
Have a beautiful weekend.