Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Class and Sketch

I signed up yesterday, for Sharon Tomlinson's all faces class and this is the 1st sketch she has us do.(ck out Sophia's blog for more sketches!)

I'm excited about her class after watching the first few videos! She has some awesome tips for sketching a face and getting it on the canvas. Her painting techniques use inexpensive craft paints and the canvases were only $1.00 at Michaels! How cool is that!
I'll have my first painting to show by next weekend!
Here is a painting I finished up that I started last weekend. Right now, it just needs a final coat to seal it.

I made this for someone special so if she likes it I'll be mailing it out in a day or so.
Here is the promised picture of the baby bird that left its nest last week.

My camera focused on the leaves, so you really have to look for him or her?
I can't wait to hop over to everyone's blog and see what you have been creating!
Have a good week!


Doris Sturm said...

Nice painting, Debbie. The lady's red hair looks like it's swinging...thanks for the birdie picture! Sounds like young birds are flying the coop all over blogland ;-)

Have a blessed Sunday!

Jackie said...

Hi Deb, looks like you're really enjoying your new craft! Good for you!

Cute pic of the little birdie!

A Dancing Mango said...

Very nice !! Bravo Girl!
I am in her class too.. I have several pictures posted on my blog you can see that are from her classes.. you will LOVE THEM!
Have fun.. hope to see you again Debbie!

Fair Rosamund said...

Very nice sketch, that sounds like a great class! I love your painting too, the colors and shading are beautiful. I hope you are having a great Sunday! :) ~Lauren

lissa said...

I've learned that a face has to be symmetrical like you have drawn here but I find I never could draw faces that way - anyway, your painting is beautiful

thanks for your visit

Julia Christie said...

Love this painting! The sketch looks very promising too! Be sure to share with us when it's done!


Susan HP said...

LOVE the painting, the colors are shapes are just beautiful.
Can't wait to see what you do with the sketch.
Happy Sunday!

Lenora said...

Oh I would love to be doing a class now. Enjoyed this.

Tammie said...

you sound so happy with Sharon's class, i am happy for you. I am taking one of Suzi Blu's classes and it is great inspiration and wonderful learning, so I understand. Your painting is wonderful! I hope you share what you do with the sketch.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great painting Debbie...I took an online class with Misty Mawn last winter and loved it, would do another in a heart beat!!!

Have fun...will watch for your pieces...

Sophia said...

Debbie, I love the start of your new class. I should take one on faces and hands - as those are both my weak areas within my artwork. Great start!

And your painting is absolutely GORGEOUS! Your art is improving - I can see it and it is exciting. :)

Carmen said...

I love this painting. Thank you for the link to the class it sounds fantastic I will have to go check it out. Your friend is very lucky to be recieving this as a gift :)

Heather said...

Hi Debbie
That looks like a fun class. I will have to check it out!
I love your painting that you are giving as a gift. what a fun painting to recieve!
Happy Sunday to YOU!

Marilyn Rock said...

Great sketch Debbie! Your class sounds cool! Love the birdie picture, too.