Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Sketch & Finished Painting

Happy Sunday everyone! Below is this weeks sketch, which I will use as a reference for my new painting I'm planning.

I was in Charleston this week and took pictures of the buildings which is where I got the inspiration for the sketch.
Here is last weeks sketch, finished.

And finally, here is a painting I showed you a couple of weeks ago, that I'm now done with...except for a coat of wax.

That's all for now! I'm heading over to Sophia's to see what everyone else has sketched today! I hope you'll join me!
Have a great week!


Sophia said...

Love your art you have going here. I really love that fall/punkin one. SO cozy! :)

Kristin Dudish said...

I love the wood grain peeking through you fabulous colors on your newly finished painting!

The last one is going to be so dreamy with a coat of wax :)

I'm looking forward to seeing where your buildings sketch ends up...


WrightStuff said...

I'm most intrigued by that window in the rooftop. Hmm, is that a face I can see peeking out?

Heather said...

Debbie, Happy sunday to you.
Oh I just love the way the kitty cat lady turned out. The perspective on the piece is just fabulous, and I like your color combination, too!
I can't wait to see how you color the buildings. You art is so fun!

Tammie said...

I am glad your showed us last weeks sketch finished, it is wonderful.

Fun to see how your time in Charleston inspired you.

How do you put your wax on? That piece is wonderful too.

Katerina Galati said...

Hi Debbie,
The building in you sketch is very nice and i think it is a very good theme for a painting.
I also like your last (finished) painting but i don't understand what is the coat of wax :) i'll wait to see it!
Happy Sunday!!

EVA said...

Very nice! Love seeing the progress! The pumpkin patch turned out wonderfully!

Jennifer Bower said...

The colors are inspired and I love how the cat sketch is coming along. The finished piece is astounding. Great composition, texture and movement.

I love Charleston. Buildings are deceptively difficult to draw. You've done a nice job with them.

Brian Miller said...

ooo...i like the autumn one much...very nice...i like the cats in the second one...smiles.

Martha Lever said...

These paintings are precious. I love the girl siting in the chair. She is adorable.

Marlene said...

Debbie your painting from last week turned out great and I love the background with the girl standing and the pumpkins. This new one is a great start, architectural drawings are some of my favorite.

Hybrid J said...

Hi Debbie,

Nice to "meet" you as well and you're doing very well with your Wyanne mixed media girl.

I'm such a beginner that I'm struggling at all fronts. But I'm sure with time, I'll get better.

Keep at it ... you're doing great! :)

Debbie said...

I really love last week's painting!

lissa said...

great sketch, I saw the final in color, it's wonderful

Lisa Holtzman said...

LOVE these paintings Debbie. And, congratulations on your beautiful granddaughter Ashley!!!