Sunday, July 25, 2010


I think I'm finally finished with last weeks sketch, but after I walk away I may change my mind. Something about her seems unfinished.

I signed up for the Sketchbook Journal Project, and my book came this week. I'm excited about getting started so hopefully I'll have a new sketch or completed page by the end of the day.
Happy Sunday everyone!


Sophia said...

Hi Debbie,

Your SS from last week turned out beautifully in colour! :)

Happy Sunday. Hugs!

Heather said...

Hi Debbie,
I like how she turned out - The 3d effect is nice,too. She had pretty eyes!
enjoy your day, and good luck with your sketch will have to show us what you create!

Tammie said...

It feels so much better to be happy with a sketch, but each one is about learning. I like your sketch from the last post and you have colored it wonderfully!

WrightStuff said...

Look at that beautifully regal look! Just wonderful.

Queen Bee said...

WOW! This is fantastic! Love the colors! Queen Bee Studio

Marlene said...

Sorry I am so late in getting here, we were in the mountains.
You did a great job in finishing your sketch. I am looking forward to seeing your journal as you progress through it.

Debbie said...

She looks great to me! Love the colors.

Rebecca Anthony said...

The expression on her face is incredible!