Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter was a wonderful day for our family. We went to church and had dinner with our family. Here is one of my favorite pictures of our growing family. Notice the baby bump on my daughter. She's due in September!

I'm so thankful for our risen Lord, eternal life and my family.
I hope your Easter was wonderful too.


Tori said...

Yay! Baby King and Grant will have so much fun growing up together!

Gifts of Creation said...

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Yes all the art blogs are so inspirational!! I like what you are doing with your paintings!

suze said...

Hi Debbie,
I couldn't e-mail you so send me your address at my e-mail and we can exchange napkins.

Jackie said...

Hi Deb!

This is a great pic of your growing family!
HOpe you have a wonderful weekend!
Your ole Elletonian Neighbor